FUORI! is articulated in eight main parts guided by eight artists or groups of the international art scene, involving young people living in Bologna in the collaborative creation of a performative production. A series of workshops, investigations and alliances originates from these trajectories, creating a dialogue with the local urban network.

ATTRITO is a creative school of self-government, a group open to young and older people to share reflections, doubts and gems of a rebel urban wisdom.


An unedited Aristophanes: a furious, restless, emotional. On stage, more than 70 young people from Campania and Bologna give voice, like Aristophanes, to their daily urgencies, questions and needs.


CHEAP inhabits Bologna with a series of public art interventions related to the themes of FUORI!.


Bodies, genders, transition, identity: a space where it’s possible to feel free and reclaim our choices.

Nightwalks with Teenagers

A group of teenagers guide an adult audience on a night walk to discover unusual, intimate and familiar spaces, places and neighbourhoods.


Boys and girls commission a work of art for the city of Bologna.


A work exclusively designed for girls and non-binary people that takes place at night in the city’s public space, reappropriating precluded times and places.

Body Of Knowledge

Sexuality and affectivity: from a distance, young people start phone conversations with the adult spectators in the theatre, slowly building a shared intimacy.


Alongside the curation and the creation of performative works, FUORI! realises several cultural and editorial productions designed as tools for young people and the adults working with them: thematic cartographies acting as an invitation to explore a plurality of stories, a series of meetings that articulate and question educational practices and themes, and a sociological research collecting the words of those who take part in the workshops and in the performative projects that will be shared with the institutions involved in a qualitative evaluation of FUORI!.

Codici | Ricerca e Intervento oversees the qualitative evaluation of the journeys undertaken by the teenagers during the project FUORI!.

FUORI!: cartografie

The project FUORI!: cartografie interprets, through a selection of books, comics and films for teenagers, the main questions at the core of FUORI!.


Artists, authors and social science experts meet to talk, share and reflect on experiences and knowledge gained over the course of their work with adolescents.